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About Green Touch And Its Vision

Company softwareFor businesses to make a mark and impress beyond the norm, they must combine the novel use of technology with a product or service, which helps them stand out. Focusing on one of the two may mean half-hearted responses from its customer base. Naturally, an excellent product or service will in and of itself not necessarily mean happy customers.

To this end, Green Touch makes customized IT systems that can best cater to both aspects; enabling a business to adopt technology for more streamlined operations, and the retention of focus on core business practices.

Green Touch Software House is a privately owned company, offering several information technology services involving both, hardware and software. Our client base is one that continues to expand, and includes small businesses, big corporations, and government and military agencies.

Our rich history of partnership with several organizations of different sizes and natures has helped us understand evolving trade needs. Since the very first solution we offered, the focus has always been on avid research and development, for the technologies we offer to deliver high-end solutions.

The staff combines established expertise with the ability to deliver high-end work on-site or through remote access. Our history is that of catering to multiple business needs through focus on the specific nature of what each organization requires from us, for the best improvement in processes.


At Green Touch, we hope for a world where technology and innovation can play a part on improving the lives of as many people as possible. Even though most our clients are businesses, we also offer services to individuals at price packages economical enough for people at large. Our business model established this inclination, alongside giving importance to sophisticated design and environment-friendly policy.


Software development

As an information technology company excelling in the development of high-end applications and technological support, we intend to play a leading role in catering to the needs of businesses at the forefront of today’s corporate realm.

By developing as many tools as business required to make their operations more efficient across all stages, we hope to serve not only the scale of emerging requirements, but also the nature of these.

Our IT services include seamless web and graphic design, app development, database design, database administration, system administration, strategic consultation, and Information Technology training.

Corporate Values

Our pledge includes the inclination to deliver unmatched quality and a level of customer service that makes the client feel particularly cared for.