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Applications Of CCTV Security Systems

From being confined for use by certain large organizations and government security programs, CCTV cameras have grown into a handy tool that has several other important applications.

They can now be used by house owners for safety purposes, by manufacturers to keep track of their facilities, and even hooked up to your computers and smartphones to keep an eye on the concerned property when away from home.

Because of the demand and the introduction of better technology, it has also become much faster and cheaper to install these systems. Most CCTV camera suppliers in dubai – Krishcom usually finish the job in a couple of days, leaving control in an easily accessible room.

Legal Aspects of CCTV Cameras

CCTV security systems for industrial areaSince CCTV cameras capture and more often than not, record and store the footage, they are also governed by certain legal provisions. The main purpose of this is to prevent illegal or unethical spying on other people, specifically employees.

In many countries, these rules include that people be given the chance to check the footage of themselves, and that these records be deleted once a reasonable amount of time, as per the law, has expired.

There are also strict requirements for when these footages can be used against people, usually being limited to when a crime has taken place. Many countries also require for courts to permit their exhibition.

That being said, when the most important concerned regarding the ethical use of these systems are satisfied, and when used properly, CCTV camera systems can be very beneficial.

The possible applications are limited, and can even be extended using the right technology, and situation.

Personal Use

CCTV systemMany people use CCTV cameras in their place of residence and other properties because it makes them feel safe. They can be used to monitor major parts of the house, and the entrances and exits, to keep your places safe from intruders and criminals.

Other uses include the supervision and security of children, especially when they are home alone.

Lastly, some companies will also add the option of receiving the feeds on your laptop or phone, for better control.

Business Use

In workplaces, offices, and other places of business, CCTV is a useful way to prevent theft of materials from the site.

For a large office, it is often the case that a dedicated security team is present, and monitors important places, such as entrances, car parking areas, and rooms that are labeled restricted access.

Apart from this, depending on human resource rules, and the applicable laws, they can be used to monitor the entry and exit times of employees, for payroll purposes.

At places like warehouses and factories on the other hand, the same is true for keeping the raw materials and other inventory safe.