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Invest in Construction Projects projected in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the best place for tender projectsThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major player in the Arab world. Due to the enormous oil reserves, Saudi Arabia has moved from a desert kingdom to one of the richest nations in the region.

Intelligence project of the BNC network provides detailed information on current and future projects of all sizes, all major industries in Saudi Arabia. The project data is constantly updated by the researcher who provides the latest information directly with clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers working in construction projects in Dammam by BNC network.

Project information includes the full project report, work scope, bidders, consultants, contractors working on projects. Train your company to receive offers and warnings projects and stay ahead of the competition.

The best place to receive tendering information is to tender proposals (RFP), tender request (RFQ), expression of interest (EOI) and notices, notices sales / sales of various governments, government departments, municipalities and advertisements tender.

Saudi Arabia construction projectsBNC network currently has 26,893 live construction projects in five sectors in the MENA region. There are many active construction projects in Dammam by BNC network.

The estimated total value of construction projects held in KSA is 728.500 million. Saudi Arabia is 19% of the number of active projects in the GCC countries. In US dollars, these construction projects account for 33% of the estimated total value of all GCC active projects.

The BNC network has updated an alert notification service that keeps you updated with current offers, which are presented by the government in the public at all. Establishes the basis for a stronger public support and complete listing of Saudi Arabia and providing data.

Get updates on company information, project information and analysis to the country with access to the base of the largest intelligence data area of the building.