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Microsoft Office 365

The global move towards a technology economy and the increased incorporation of technology into our daily lives has lead to the pace of advances in that sphere to pick up rapid pace, which competition for common gadgets and electronic devices becoming more intense with each passing day.

It began with the smartphones and laptops, and has now entered the wearables and tablets sphere. As such, most of the focus of commercial and consumer side of things has been on hardware and related components.

Consumer Software

Consumer softwareOn the other hand, given consumers at large prefer to still download copies of essential software, the development on this front has been relatively monopolized and gradual.

There are certain software programs however, that are considered crucial and in fact must-haves, without which most of the processes that hardware devices are used for would become worthless.

In the multimedia and professional context, these include Photoshop, Video Players, and music applications.

Office Applications

More commonly sought-after and in fact more essential to laptop users for instance though, are word processing programs, of which the Microsoft Word is the best-known.

Microsoft is hardly limited to word processing however, even as its most used application is word. For over a decade now, the company has produced an entire office suite, which is a collection of office, business, and student applications, designed to help with respective workloads.

It includes Microsoft Excel, a worksheet management tool, Microsoft Powerpoint, a slideshow and presentation tool, and more recently added, but less popular, Microsoft Outlook, which covers email management.

Office 365

In recent times, additions and upgrades have been focused on the entire productivity suite of applications, instead of a few applications. The most recent addition to the Microsoft Office collection was thus Microsoft Office 365, which seeks to take productivity to a whole new level.


Office applicationThe downloadable suite includes Publisher, OneNote, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint, and last but not the least, Word, and is also available for use in smartphones and tablets.


As with suites or software applications that seek to radically change the segment and add bigger upgrades and improved user experiences, the Office 365 ecosystem is a complicated one, and takes a bit of getting used to, especially since it adds many online and real-time tools to the equation.


Office 365 becoming part of a suite does not mean people cannot get their hands on the separate applications contained within it. Of course, buying the full bundle comes with its own great set of advantages, the most notable one being the pricing, which is far more attractive that way.


Not only does the one-year subscription of office 365 in Dubai - Rounak Computers include the ability to have the desktop version of the suite on five different computers, it also adds five tablets and five phones to the fold.