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Pet Management Software

Pet managment softwarePet shops and veterinary centers are usually specialized places, giving them a small horizontal footprint in any city. The nature of the work usually means several animal species and animal care services are offered under the same roof. For a limited number of staff in an animal care establishment, this can easily turn into a management problem, with adequate tracking of different pets, owners and services becoming an added hassle.

This is where a Pet Management System can help. Our software provides pet shops a complete package to handle the multiple activities taking place at a pet store, regardless of the size and types of services it offers.


These processes could include managing the appointments, looking after retail, kenneling and keeping track of animals stored at the site, and vaccination data and record.

There are many other add-on services in this sense that can be availed as well, enabling the shop to perform much better in the promotional sense.

These could include the introduction of gift cards for customers, loyalty cards and memberships, benefits for repeat pets, and the ability to expand the services and benefits offered when the need arises.


Pet shops software development

  • Pet History: The history of the pet and its records are very important in the process of diagnosing it with a condition and giving it adequate care. This also makes it much easier for a new pet shop or vet to provide services once the owner moves or changes the pet shop
  • Appointments: Keeping track of appointments can be haywire if done on paper, and could translate into lost business and bad reviews if the person providing the animal care services is not ready on time
  • Grooming History: Grooming and Hygiene are again, two crucial animal care elements, which if overlooked, can lead to the latent development of diseases and maybe even risks to the owner.
  • Vaccination History: Many household pets are often at risk of contracting common conditions and a complete vaccination history can go a long way in making sure the animal care is of a high quality
  • Vet Management: In the case a pet shop or vet makes use of multiple specialists to take care of the animals, a software system makes it easier to track which vet was assigned to which owner or pet.
  • Inventory Management: More accuracy and pinpoint data on how often a certain animal care service or product is required can help the shop scale down or scale up when the need arises.
  • Point of Sale: Much like supermarkets, automates the checkout process and adds speed.
  • Remote Access: Gives the shop owner a chance to track the data without being physically present in the shop at all times.


Other Extremely Useful Benefits Include:

Software for pets

  • Kenneling
  • Gift Card
  • Loyalty
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Online Appointment
  • Colored Appointment Grids
  • Accounting
  • Services
  • Packages
  • Automatic Backup