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Restaurant Management Software Solutions

Managment software restaurantRestaurants that make use of little or no technology are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to expansion and great reviews. This is since the more fluid the operations are, the better a restaurant’s chances of being noticed, attract positive reviews, and eventually expand.

This is perhaps since the most sought after ability from an eating-place is how fast and prompt the service is. If the orders are taken and processes manually, chances are, some of them will be prone to being lost in the process, or delayed. This is just one example of how manual processes affect an eatery business.

Our Restaurant Management software provides a whole host of restaurant solutions, which also offer a great deal of flexibility and adaptability. This makes them easy to apply to a range of restaurant and dining venues, from high-end classy restaurants to fast food joints and takeaway isles.

The management software gives you a facilitated online ordering tool, more effective control on the products on offer, convenience for customers when they are able to order wirelessly from their tables and make payments, and strong office management ability.

All of these features are going to come together to enable your business to benefit from automated processes, save time, collect crucial data, while at the same time, boosting profits.


The restaurant management software can be customized to best suit the needs and specifics of your business. It has a range of features allowing you to customize and expedite otherwise lengthy processes.

Restaurant solution in software

  • Order Taking: Leads to the better processing of orders, helping to also collect information on popularity of cuisines.
  • Online and Mobile Ordering: The e-commerce revolution has meant people now increasingly prefer doing a lot of their shopping online owing to convenience and time saved. This is also true for online food orders. This feature helps you offer the order food online or through phone.
  • Complete Purchase and Accounting: Keeping track of the books and having a timely knowledge of the sales, overhead, profit and revenue figures is as important as any other feature.
  • Payroll Processing: Allows keeping track of the work done and time spent by employees at work, thereby facilitating the process of remuneration.
  • Tips Management: Depending on whatever arrangement for tips is in place, the feature provides a tracking tool for equitable division of the tips customers offer.

Other Notable Features Include:

Software solutions for restaurant

  • Preparation
  • Table Service
  • Driver Management
  • Labor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • GPS Driver Tracking
  • Card Processing & Gift Cards
  • Call Centre
  • Reporting
  • Enterprise Reporting and Control
  • Store Performance Dashboard
  • Enterprise Dashboard