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Spa And Salon Management Solutions

Spa software solutionThe emphasis on personal health and hygiene, alongside the importance of personal maintenance and upkeep has paved the way for several different kinds of spa salon and treatment businesses that specialize sometimes, in particular regimens.

As such, novel ways to promote spa services and improve marketing processes has become all the more important.

Our spa management software solutions have been designed with a view not only to make it easier for owners and managers to keep track of the operational data, but also provide the opportunity for promotional activity such as happy hours and loyalty discounts to be tracked and managed, and therefore, taken a step further.

Salon softwareThe salon management software is multipurpose enough to cater to the needs of any personal maintenance and beauty establishment. Its simplicity and user-friendly nature will make it easier to adapt to, so that these salons can place most of the attention on customer service and care.

The software can also be tweaked to work with many other kinds of systems that go hand in hand with beauty salons, namely hotel management softwares, credit card processing, and billing systems. All of these features enable our spa and salon management systems to make the best possible use of salon resources and enhance efficiency.


Among its most attractive features are the easy appointment booking and management, supermarket style point of sale entries, and the collection of data that will help managers make key decisions regarding the improvement of services and marketing campaigns.

The following is a detailed list of useful features of our spa and salon management system:

  • Appointment / Online Appointment / Recurring Appointments
  • Client Profile, Appointment History, Referral Program and Purchase History
  • Client Formula History
  • Marketing Campaign (Email / SMS)
  • Wait List Management.
  • Easy Billing /Point Of Sale System.
  • Room / Equipment (Resource Management)
  • Packages/Course/Special Rates/Happy Hours Modules
  • Subscription/Membership Control
  • Inventory Tracking of Retail Items and the Professional Items (Salon Service Items).
  • Product Ordering and Automatic Reordering
  • Gift Card Usage and Tracking
  • Solutions in spa and beauty salon
  • Gift Certificate
  • Coupon Management (Groupon/Cobone/ Yalla Banana etc)
  • Loyalty Point System.
  • Reminders / Alarms
  • Employees Tips Management
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rota Management of Therapists.
  • Employee Password Protection
  • Employee Level Access Restriction.
  • Therapist's Commission Calculation (Percentage wise/Target wise)
  • Monthly Payroll Processing.
  • Automatic Database Backups
  • Detailed Business Performance Reports
  • More than 1000s MIS Reports Including Daily Sales/Inventory/ Package/Therapist/Client etc.
  • Multi Location Management.
  • Complete Accounts (Ledger/Trial Balance/ Profit& Loss Report).
  • Remote Access Through Mobile Using System Apps.
  • Attendance Management