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Green Touch Software And Support Services

Website designIf a business is going to seek to add software-based programs and associated peripherals into its system to extend efficiency and obtain more time and resources to be expended on, it is going to have to make certain choices regarding the exact software to use, where to buy or obtain it from, and whether the software designer would offer support and assistance to operate the software.

This is not where these considerations end though, and it is entirely possible, especially for large scale organizations and multi-faceted needs, that there will the requirement for dedicated staff familiar with such technology to provide round the clock assistance in times of failures, or where an issue the operators do not understand occurs.

Fortunately, this set of needs is exactly what we became part of the market to offer. Organizations need not go through the process of adapting to new technology on their own. We provide several services involving software systems that will not only benefit the business in terms of technology-based ease, but also help enhance the state of the books.

Alongside application development and strategic consultation on how software can be used to take advantage of consumer patterns, we help our clients put together a website matching the characteristics of the business, design apps and provide the required support, and craft business applications for special requirements.

Application Developers

Our developers will help your company implement solutions your business needs for software and automation based enhancements.


Our consultation programs will help companies do away with in-house technical assistance, in favor of experienced professionals with the necessary expertise to service a range of software.

Website Design

For a business’s website design needs, we provide services that take the business aims of a company into account, to put together a smooth website interface.

Internet Marketing Consultation And Implementation

Online purchasing trends are adding greater importance to marketing and promotional activity that takes place on the internet. Our services include enhancing the ability of a business to take advantage of online marketing opportunities to boost brand reach and add to sales.

Other Technical Software Service we provide include:

  • Support service
  • Web-based Application Development in all environments
  • Information Technology Consultation and Strategic Analysis with an emphasis on "Efficiency Tools" development from Conceptualization to Implementation
  • Databases Design and Management
  • UNIX and Windows Server System Administration Services
  • Windows and Unix Security Consultation (analysis/implementation)
  • Comprehensive Project Management Services
  • IT Training (Software/Hardware)
  • Business System Analysis and Consultation