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The world we live in has come to be increasingly driven by technology and gadgets. Automation is being proliferated rapidly and several odd jobs previously done by people have become machine functions.

For businesses to gain a clear edge in this highly competitive technology driven scenario, organizations need to offer a compelling blend of innovation and high quality service delivery, for it is this blend that best helps meet the need of diversified businesses.

The constant outpour of new technological developments and changed methods of carrying out certain processes has lead Green Touch Software House to offer customized IT mechanisms to encourage companies to focus on their core operations, while scaling up on the technology adoption.

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Web Design And Development:

A company website is probably going to be the first place a client, buyer or consumer goes to, therefore it is like a window providing insight into the company’s work and services. Our web development work ensures your site has a responsive and fluid design, with clutter-free features and inviting undertones.

Mobile Apps And Development:

We help companies develop mobile apps and have an established expertise in several mobile platforms, including iOS for Apple devices, and Android, alongside Appcelerator Titanium and Phone Gap.

Digital Marketing:

We give businesses the opportunity to substantially improve their internet marketing capabilities for business looking for extended and long-lasting reach.

Application Development:

Whether it be in the native, web, or hybrid forms, we create customized and fluid web applications for startups looking for much-needed exposure, and enterprise clients seeking convenience in the workplace through technology and gadgets.

Large Format Digital Printing:

Software Solutions For Business Types

Web design development softwareSalon And Spa Management Software

Software Solutions for spa management can help automate and standardize processes and regimen for improved sales and a chance to drive profitability up.

Retail Supermarket POS System

A regular feature especially in hypermarkets, some supermarkets are still in the process of adopting the technology. It allows for the chain to be able to eventually have access to all the shopping trends it needs to be aware of, taking convenience and standardization of processes to a whole new level.


Gym Management System

Suitable for all sorts of sports and recreational facilities, the gym management system allows for the opportunity to automate major processes, such as billing and keeping track of members, and the daily uses such as in and out entries.

Restaurant Management System

Providing a convenient solution through the use of technology, not only does a restaurant management system use software to speed up the process or taking orders and serving them, but also allows for the opportunity to analyze data to perhaps find which dishes are popular and which ought to be replaced.

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What our clients say

"As a spa owner we know the importance of a management system that works. Life is much easier when you don't have to worry about payments going through, scheduling, inventory, or paying/keeping track of bills. With Greentouch Spa Management Software we are able to focus on what matters, our clients and training."

Susan David

Spa Owner, Dubai

Our Products

Spa & Salon Management Solutions


Retail Management System


Gym Management Software Solutions


Restaurant Management Software



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